Auto Repair : Replacing Power-Steering Fluid

In order to replace power-steering fluid, remove the cap from the power-steering reservoir, remove as much fluid as possible and install new fluid. Discover …

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Auto Parts Trade Migrates to the Internet

Auto Parts Trade Migrates to the Internet
The Internet knows no limits, not even in the private auto parts trade. Almost 4 million car drivers in Great Britain bought spare parts, tyres, rims and accessories for their car online last year. The annual sales volume related to all this activity …
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Advance Auto Parts Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results
ROANOKE, Va. – Advance Auto Parts has announced its financial results for the second quarter ended July 12, 2014. Second quarter comparable cash earnings per diluted share (EPS) were $ 2.08, an increase of 30 percent versus the second quarter last …
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SORL Auto Parts Reports Record High Second-Quarter Sales In 2014
As a global tier one supplier of brake and control systems to the commercial vehicle industry, SORL Auto Parts, Inc. is the market leader for commercial vehicles brake systems, such as trucks and buses in China. The Company distributes products both …
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Rental Car Insurance for Corporate Employees Added to Quotes Finder Database Online

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

Corporations in the U.S. that send employees to different cities often make use of car rental services to aid with transportation needs. The Quotes Pros company is now helping employees of corporate companies to find rental car insurance through its accurate price database at

The rental vehicle industry has grown in size thanks in part to a larger demand by workers who now travel from city to city. While rental companies do provide a form of liability coverage, many of the rates that are delivered through these companies are higher than the national averages for car insurance.

“The database we’ve setup for use this year is capable of providing rates on a statewide level to any person with a need to reduce auto insurance costs,” said a Quotes Pros source.

Aside from offering prices tied to the rental automobile industry, a person reviewing policy pricing using the website will have access to other plans for coverage. The rates for SR22, liability and full coverage that are supplied provides car owners with immediate comparison solutions.

“Our system for insurer research is available 24/7 and can be used from any U.S. state to find special rates from insurers that are now competing nationally,” said the source.

The Quotes Pros company is now setup to continue its quotations service this year by helping consumers to sort through other needed coverage types. The automotive related plans that exist for research are now combined with medical, health, renters and homeowners coverage policies at


The company allows public use of its created portal for insurance price lookups online. The company has connected its database to top companies to help the public find a direct price for a coverage plan this year. The company is making it easier for any person to conduct research privately before an annual plan for coverage is paid for through Internet or phone ordering services.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 | Rebuilt Engine!

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It’s back! Episode #1 of the 4×4 expansion for Car Mechanic Simulator 2014. Rusty parts, rear wheel drive and some complicated problems are in store as I con…
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Latest Auto Parts News

Car wash, auto-parts store and tire center in the works for Loveland
Heavy equipment moves dirt Tuesday, July 22, at the site of the future Les Schwab Tire Center at 184 W. 64th St. in north Loveland, not far from Wal-Mart. The six-bay retail and service center should be open by January 2015, according to a company …

Marcus & Millichap sells auto parts store in Minnesota
Marcus & Millichap recently sold Advance Auto Parts, a 7,000-square-foot net-leased property in New Ulm, Minn. The property sold for $ 810,000. Matthew Hazelton, Adam “AJ” Prins and Terry Jacobs, investment specialists in Marcus & Millichap's …

Home Theater

A home theater makes for a great way to spend time with the family. There are many new and old homes that are getting their own home theater room. These rooms can be a great place where everyone can get together and have fun. With oversized couches, chairs, and pillows you can certainly have a comfort haven. Surround sound systems allow you to feel like you are truly in the movie, while having a large or even a projector screen will surely add to it. Add a popcorn stand on one of this ides and you will be sure to have nothing but a wonderful time. With a good movie and great friends and family there is nothing better than that. When you want to make a room where the whole family will love to enjoy for year after year you will be sure to put in a home theater room.

Niño Verde and Partido Verde in the News

March 11, 2014 | Author admin

Comrades Senators:

Today, the Green Party Parliamentary Group presents a package of reform initiatives to various environmental laws, so that animals no longer be fun for humans and seek their welfare at all times.

Although they are an essential part of our daily life, people usually neglected the animals, without recognizing that deserve to live in harmony and with dignity.

Like us, animals are living beings, so it is unacceptable that in the 21st century society maintains practices that threaten their well-being, as well as against the balance of nature in general.

These initiatives contain the basis for a dignified and respectful treatment of animals, establishing the necessary legislative measures to prohibit, for determination of the entire country, performing shows where animals are induced to perform actions outside their natural behavior.

In particular, we propose the following:

Prohibit dolphin shows and all kinds of marine mammals; Ban circuses with any type of animal; Ban dog and cock fights.

Increase the fees paid to the state hunters for their activities; Ask harsher penalties for those conducting illegal hunting, and establish measures for the dignified and respectful treatment of all animals.

With the initiatives presented, the legal framework on environmental issues of our country will be updated, and the level of first-world laws that establish high levels of animal protection.

Ask an irrational animal use our fun and look at the cost of depriving them of a decent life, is threatening the future and the harmony of nature, which belongs to all living and not just the human race beings.

To cite an example, take our kids to have fun with the animals at the expense of their suffering, it is a big mistake that we must correct.

The central point is that WE ARE THE OWNERS OF THIS PLANET; the fact consider ourselves smarter, does not give us the right to destroy it, or have fun at the expense of other living beings.

Thank you very much.
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Automotive Technician, Career Video from

Watch more videos on! In this interview, an Automotive Technician discusses his typical day at work, the qualifications needed for the job, the bes…
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I met Black when I stumbled into the alley during a barbecue, and mentioned that I needed to change my brake pads. This is the video from that trip.

Arturo Escobar and Partido Verde News

April 24, 2014 | Author admin

With your permission Deputy President.

Doctor Jesus Rodriguez Almeida, Secretary of Public Security of the Federal District, whether you welcome to this Honorable Assembly.

Public safety is one of the most precious goods that society wants to live and is also a major concern of the Green Party in Mexico City.

We understand the complexity of the problem and the different variables that generates this serious social deterioration that we find ourselves living.

Currently, the company requires us better institutions, secret weapons and rigorous selection mechanisms and control. We also demand clear procedures and attached to law and effective, prompt, honest and committed to citizen action.

We know the size of their responsibility and that is why this bench will continue to strongly support programs and efforts made since you directed the Secretariat to improve the security situation which we live.

Lightning operating, for example, is a system that celebrates the Green Party because it allowed inhibit crimes that carry people riding motorcycles.

From March 2013 to February this year, were sent to the various deposits 58 000 626 vehicle units, 52 firearms were seized and have been made ​​available to the Public Prosecutor about 986 people.

Therefore, we encourage you to step up operations in the five districts with the highest rate of this problem: Cuauhtémoc, Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero, Venustiano Carranza and Benito Juárez.

Also, we wish to express our congratulations to the Head of Government and you Dr. Almeida, for the successful implementation of “Passenger Security” program.

Every day thousands of people are in the need to use public transport to travel to their place of work or home, and see with great concern that the violence and assaults with firearms still occur. However, we recognize the hard work and progress that the Secretariat had to charge on this issue.

According to the report we did get, the raids so far this year, 811 people have been submitted to the public prosecutor. Reduced theft aboard minibus in 13.3%; robbery managed taxi board reduced by 44%; but within the Metro theft increased by 5.6%.

I’m sure Mr. Secretary, who will not back down and step up efforts to strengthen monitoring of this important means of transportation, as well as the Centers for Modal transfer, in order to detect white arms, drugs and persons to commit crimes.

On the other hand, Mr. Secretary, the Green Party welcomes the signing of the Inter-Agency Coordination and Collaboration with the Institute for Prevention and Treatment of Addictions in Mexico City (IAPA), because we are convinced that it is very encouraging to see that the institution participates in the preparation and operation of public policies to prevent the use of psychoactive substances to prevent the commission of crimes. Otherwise talcomolo proposed by some, would simply bring the City into an abyss.

It is therefore important that the Secretariat in charge continued fighting this phenomenon in coordination with the Special Unit Against Drug Trafficking and the Attorney General of the Federal District, and that in the period covered by this report 31 000 435 referrals were made to the Public Ministry of Common Law, 8000 of which 906 were for crimes of high impact.

We also know the Green Party on the Protocol of action implemented by the Ministry responsible for the capital’s police address the allegations of animal abuse and compliance with the provisions of the Law on Animal Protection and Rescue insurance for when they are at risk.

However, we are also aware that the Brigade Animal Surveillance lacks the infrastructure and resources to address complaints by this crime, so we are committed to give it a bigger budget, yet we ask duplicate efforts, all to monitor, in coordination with the competent authorities, establishments where animals sold in poor condition and to hear cases of cruelty and maltreatment.

In this issue we mentioned that 5000 320 allegations of abuse and / or neglect were seen in the possession and care of animals and further work is in the rescue of those animals that are at risk and jeopardize safety of the inhabitants of Mexico City. And since we have a system whereby we receive complaints and channel it to the authorities, has the Green Party in this arduous task.

In another vein, Mr. Secretary, we refer to the recovery of land and nature reserve areas.

These actions undertaken at the direction of the Head of Government, promote the rehabilitation of abandoned places, in order to strengthen security and prevent the commission of crimes, and ensure peaceful coexistence and Spaces for conducting recreational activities. In that sense, the Green Party has also made ​​concrete to improve surveillance and protection of these areas, with the intention that they are not subject to frequent invasions and consequently deterioration detriment of all the capital proposals. We also hope to have your support to take forward these proposals.

But one issue that we share is of great importance for the future of the city are young, and their safety is paramount to guarantee a safe and healthy living, and to generate them opportunities for development. Regarding this issue, we know the actions implemented as “Safe Backpack” where students are prevented from entering school buildings white and firearms and narcotics. Here we must not lower our guard.

Finally we must say that, in general terms and according to their report, the crime rate in Mexico City declined 15.6% so far this year. In 2013, a decrease of 12.4% percent and it had the last four years have seen a decline of 40 percent in the City.

All this largely due to the installation of surveillance cameras, coordinated, the operating rake Shield Center program, a thousand patrols were purchased last year and the cooperation of the capital to denounce through 066 job.

First of all, Mr. Secretary, we believe that it has responded to specific problems to various City events, but there are still many that remain outstanding and unfortunately continue to hurt the people of Mexico City.

We encourage you to continue until the last day of his term as before, with significant advances to ensure safety to restore confidence to the capital.

Count on our full support.

For your attention, thank you very much.

That’s all I Deputy Chairman.
For more about Arturo Escobar click this link.

Pepe Calzada and State News

Governor José Calzada delivers the 2014 State Prize of Ecology
Thursday, June 5, 2014

The State Governor José Calzada Rovirosa, delivered the 2014 State Prize of Ecology, framework that emphasized the RESPONSIBILITY to care for the environment, it said that this action is translated with respect to everything around us and with quality life.

From the house of La Corregidora, Queretaro president made the emphasis on strengthening ecological culture that not only allows to have a healthy environment in the present, but leave as a legacy for future generations through a legacy of good practice.

In this regard, Governor José Calzada highlighted programs and work done by the state administration to social responsibility assumed by preserving a sustainable Querétaro.

“This year we will declare an area that is very important (…) at Peña Colorada, which (…) we want to preserve for you young people, you kids when they have the opportunity to make decisions, influence the lives of people, whether in the public sector, in the private sector and also take steps to raise awareness among others, having a space that will serve you and that will also represent to you the responsibility to preserve it for their children. ”

He added: “We have us a little patience, but this year we will declare Peña Colorada as protected area. We want to do things right, from the legal point of view; It is a commitment that his friend Pepe Calzada blocks you, with children, with girls and with environmentalists Querétaro “.

In this regard, the Head of State Executive, praised the perseverance of environmentalists in Querétaro “we have a state in which more than 35 percent of the territory is protected area, but that did not happen without there being a fight, it was not easy, and sometimes also had to be fighting against the authorities who did not understand that it was important to protect the environment, and made us more aware and hear all voices and put ourselves aside from people who not only looks at the moment but also for the future. ”

The State Government has declared protected areas in El Batan in the municipality of Querétaro and La Trinidad in the town of Tequisquiapan also other programs such as the conversion of units of public transport natural gas, are implemented so that there is less environmental pollution and benefit expense in the family budget.

Governor José walkway called the consciousness of Queretaro, to act according to the idea that we have quality of life, “we must remember that everything we do, absolutely everything has an impact on others, keep the old maximum of Juarez says, respect the rights of others is peace, and with these actions that have to do with taking care of our environment, we give the future viability of our children. ”

Contestants of the State Prize of Ecology 2014 participated in 9 categories. 538 entries were received, of which 24 were winners and 16 honorable mentions for children, youth and adults.

The Secretary of Sustainable Development, Marcelo López Sánchez, appreciated that this type of contests that allow citizens to be aware of how to protect the environment, a task he said, is shared commitment is made.

“We all have a responsibility, differentiated itself, but we all have the responsibility for building a sustainable Querétaro. The government has to its citizens and this administration are fully met; when we see the response to this call, we also see the commitment of citizens to soldier, willing to build and bring this state further, because we dream together, because in the end, when it comes to building a sustainable Querétaro, hands all the earth. ”

While the First Place winner of the State Prize of Ecology in category “Food yesterday today and tomorrow,” Rogelio Nieto Eduardo Vega, insisted that before the development, must balance to live sustainability.

The United Nations established in 2014 the “International Year of Family Farming” for that reason the State Prize of Ecology 2014 is intended to promote sustainability through family farming theme this year is “for a Sustainable Earth Querétaro Hands All “.

The award goes to the people of the state of Querétaro in which citizens can participate in all social sectors, civil society organizations, educational and research institutions that are interested in improving and protecting the environment. There are two types: civic merit and artistic merit.

Through this award is to promote family farming, as part of promoting equity and food sovereignty, necessary to improve the quality of life; both points required in the construction of Sustainable Querétaro.

Also present were: the Secretary of Agricultural Development, Manuel Valdés Rodríguez; the Attorney General Environmental Protection and Urban Development, Alfredo Zepeda Garrido; Undersecretary Environmental SEDESU, Sergio Tapia Medina; President of the Commission on Sustainable Development LVII Legislature, Deputy Jairo Marina Alcocer; the delegate of SEMARNAT in Querétaro, Oscar Moreno Alanis; Delegate PROFEPA in Querétaro, José Luis Peña Ríos; Manuel Pérez Cascajares environmentalist and winner of the State Prize of Ecology 2013, Federico Zagayo Corona.

Author: Social Communication
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