Panel approves plan for auto parts store in Meriden

Panel approves plan for auto parts store in Meriden
MERIDEN — Plans to demolish the Frontera Grill restaurant on East Main Street and build an Advance Auto Parts store in its place were unanimously approved by the Planning Commission Wednesday night. The property is owned by 800 East Main Street …
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South Africa Opens Probe Into Auto Parts Collusion
Law360, New York (October 14, 2014, 6:49 PM ET) — South Africa's antitrust watchdog launched a probe Monday into possible collusion over a 14-year period by over 80 automotive component suppliers including Panasonic Corp. and Denso Corp. when …
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Supplement Options and Nourish Life Speak Review

Nourish Life Speak Review: Options

You are seeking a nutrient supplement for your child and do not know where to begin. You read a NourishLife speak review in addition to reviews on other supplements. You understand the importance of nutrients for your children. You understand your child needs certain vitamins and minerals that are not always consumed through daily food intake. You also understand the importance of a speech nutrients review and want to be sure that the supplement you give your child is safe. However, trying to convince your child to take a multitude of pills for a variety of reasons can be stressful and unsuccessful.

But, what if there was a supplement that had many of the nutrients your child needs? Speak is that type of vitamin and mineral supplement that offers a unique blend of of seven nutrients, including omega-3, vitamin K and two high doses of vitamin E. It offers optimal amounts of d-alpha and gamma tocopherols that function as key antioxidants. Speak is the only product of its kind offering this blend of nutrients that are good for your child and easy to take.

What is speak?

Speak is a proprietary, patent-pending formulation developed by pediatricians for children with special nutritional requirements. It supports cognitive function, provides antioxidant support and is an ultra-purified and concentrated formulation. The highly concentrated omega-3 found in speak is combined with two forms of vitamin E and K, and GLA, to address the special needs of your child. EPA and DHA occur together in nature and work together in the body, providing metabolic support for proper nerve and brain cell function and structural support.

NourishLife speak Review and What it Means for You

Many parents will not give anything to their child without reading the reviews. The NourishLife speak review is positive, with parents saying they are pleased to work with a compassionate company and how well their children are doing since they started to take speak. Many parents have seen their children’s health improve in a variety of ways and are committed to continue giving their children speak so as to continue improved health and growth.

It is time you made a decision for the overall health of your child. If you child has special nutrient needs and you struggle to give him or her all the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants they need, then consider speak and how it can benefit you and your child. All parents want to see their children healthy and happy. You know the importance of your child’s health and you have now read about NourishLife speak. Review your options; maybe it is time you chose a simple method for giving your child the nutrients he or she needs.
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Colloidal silver information

Colloidal silver has been said my many people all over the world to be an immune boosting, cure all, home remedy. This is a mineral supplement of .9999% pure silver particles, suspended in water. It has been relied upon for many years by people of all ages and for the treatment of many different ailments and illnesses. Colloidal silver has been used topically as a facial or on wounds to help promote healing and infections too. Many have used this supplement as an injection form. It has been injected into painful and/or diseased muscles and joints. The uses that are found for this mineral supplement has been many, some even using it in place, of or in conjunction with, traditional antibiotics, and medical treatment. It has been used to treat disease such as; different forms of cancer and gonorrhea. Colloidal silver, if there is no allergy is being used on a daily basis to treat several different conditions that some are even refusing prescription medication for it.

HPG Chamber Invites Tourists to Follow the LOVE to Hopewell-Prince George VA

Hopewell-Prince George, Virginia (PRWEB) October 07, 2014

The Hopewell-Prince George (VA) Chamber has launched an area tourism campaign with the unveiling of its LOVE sign at the newly renovated HPG Visitor Center on at Rt. 36, just off Interstate I-295. The multi-media sign, standing over six feet tall and 24 feet long, was installed in front of the Visitor Center on October 3, 2014.

The Hopewell/Prince George area joins 32 other localities across Virginia as part of the Lovework program, a statewide branding initiative sponsored by the Virginia Travel Corporation. The VTC awarded the HPG Chamber a $ 1,500 matching grant for the project. The LOVE theme ties the Hopewell-Prince George area into the Virginia is for Lovers messaging, which has been recognized nationally and internationally for 45 years. The LOVE signs are shown on a map on the Virginia tourism site encouraging visitors to follow the LOVE across Virginia.

We needed something new to attract attention, says Chamber CEO Becky McDonough. I think this sign does that. We are inviting tourists to take a photo at the LOVE sign to document their travels and to post it on their Facebook pages and on our new Love Hopewell-PG Facebook Page. Also, we see this sign, created by local artisans, as our contribution to American Craft Week, a national event celebrating the tradition of American culture in artists studios, galleries, museums, schools and in the community.

Tourism is an instant revenue generator for Virginia. In 2013, tourism generated $ 21.5 billion in revenue, supported 213,000 jobs and provided $ 1.42 billion in state and local taxes. Dollars invested in tourism are proven to provide a 5:1 return in tax revenue for Virginia, and the grant awards and matching funds provide a stimulus to localities seeking to increase tourism visitation and revenue.

The Meaning of LOVE:

The LOVE sign represents the dynamics of the Hopewell-Prince George area. The L is constructed of poles made to look like the pilings of a pier and representing the areas four marinas. A bench is built into the L , or dock, for people to sit down and take photos. The O, which looks like a gear, is constructed of old pipe flange with the gear pieces cut out of one-quarter-inch steel. Below the gear are two ears of corn made out of urethane foam. The O represents local industry and agri-business. The V is made of corrugated metal taken from a 100-year-old barn. Painted aqua with flat-metal waves, the V represents the confluence of the James and Appomattox Rivers here. A hammered steel fish jumps from the top of the V. The E, which is made of medium density overlay marine plywood, is painted with stars and stripes to represent the areas strong military presence.

About the Craftsmen who made the sign :

The LOVE sign was designed and created by Danny Riddle of Riddle Signs and Kirk Thore of H.K. Thore Metal Craft. Two other amateur craftsmen, Mark Shornak and Steve McDonough, helped with the construction. The LOVE sign is part of the Chambers efforts to draw attention and tourists to the HPG Visitor Center and to promote the area as a family friendly destination.

Danny Riddle, Mark Shornak and Steve McDonough are self-taught craftsman. Riddle founded Riddle Sign Company in 1973 and turned over the company to his son after 34 years so he could pursue an opportunity to share his passion for auto collision repair with Hopewell High School students. Kirk Thore received extensive training in welding while working in local industry. He worked 33 years for Allied Signal (now Honeywell). After retirement two years ago, he surprised himself by finding that people would purchase the metal sculptures he creates in his shop that are comprised mostly of recycled materials. Shornak is a construction superintendent, who has worked 43 years primarily in residential renovation of older upscale homes in the Richmond area. McDonough is the Broker/Owner of McDonough Real Estate Company, a career of 38 years.

Tourism Video Also Produced

In addition to the LOVE sign, the HPG Chamber is premiering an original video, Follow the Love to Hopewell-Price George, produced this summer by Chamber intern Lauren Core from Prince George County. Lauren is a senior at James Madison University, where she has been majoring in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Digital Video. The video will be previewed at the HPG Chambers Annual Mixer on October 9 and will remain on display at the HPG Visitor Center. Another intern Olivia Kosciusko Tritschler, also of Prince George County and a junior at the University of Virginia, worked with Lauren on the video and helped launch the Chambers Love Hopewell-PG Facebook page and email newsletter, which has a circulation of 1,600. Michael Winn, another PGHS grad, now a student at William and Mary also assisted with the sign and video.

HPG Chamber took over Visitor Program on July 1:

With a three-year grant from the City of Hopewell and Prince George County, the Hopewell-Prince George Chamber took over management of the areas Visitor Center and tourist promotion program on July 1. The HPG Chamber has renovated the Visitor Center and the staff has moved into the Center to combine both Chamber and Visitor programs. Founded in 1920, the Hopewell-Prince George Chamber of Commerce promotes business growth and workforce development and community connections. With over 300 Members, the HPG Chamber works to build strong community relationships with Hopewell and Prince George businesses and residents, and to form strategic partnerships in the region and state.

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Speak NourishLife and the Ingredients

Speak NourishLife and the Formulation

Ultra-purified and Concentrated

We know the source: Our principal supplier can certify when and where the fish is caught. The approved fishery has been certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council since 2005 (and recertified in 2010). The processing plant is built specifically for fish oil production, and it is thoroughly sanitized and fully automated with a computerized control center.

Time and temperature matter: High-grade fish oil cannot be heated above 180 degrees C because trans fats and impurities begin to form and the omega-3 fats can be altered. High-grade fish oil should not be exposed to heat for more than a few seconds. To maintain exceptional product integrity, we use a very low pressure vacuum and temperatures below 100 degrees for less than one second.

Our product is highly concentrated: Our fish oil is moleculary distilled and refined to a high concentration of EPA and DHA omega-3s, making our oil a potent source of 1000 mgs per serving of these healthy, essential fats required for human health. Finally, d-alpha and gamma tocopherol (vitamin E) antioxidants are added. Our fish oil is held in an oxygen-free environment during the entire process. Our fish oil is then packaged and sealed immediately, ensuring its freshness and potency. Our product is guaranteed to be top-quality, delivering all the benefits of omega-3 in an effective, convenient capsule or emulsion.

What are Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Omega-3 fats are unique and essential dietary fats. They are not made in the body and must be consumed through diet and supplements. EPA and DHA are the omega-3 fats found in fish and fish oil and are considered the most functional omega-3 fats. While some consider omega-3 fats to be a vitamin because they are required in the diet, they are not formally recognized as vitamins. Instead, they are called essential dietary fats.

EPA and DHA work individually and together to support neurological function and improve cellular activity. Both EPA and DHA work in cell membranes. Healthy cellular metabolism is central (i.e. critical) for normal functioning of all biological (i.e. human) pathways. Specifically, EPA resides in cell membranes and supports healthy cellular metabolism. There is no dietary substitute for DHA. DHA is required for normal and healthy brain and nerve development and maintenance.

What is vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a family of fat-soluble vitamins that work in the body primarily as antioxidants. They are considered valuable and important vitamins for this reason. The richest food sources of vitamin E are nuts and oils.

While 8 forms of vitamin E exist in various amounts in foods (4 forms of tocopherols and 4 forms of tocotrienols), nearly all of the research in humans has focused on the d-alpha tocopherol form. It exists in the body in the greatest amount. More recently, we have learned about the importance of gamma-tocopherol and the importance of balance between these 2 forms of vitamin E.

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When you are looking into your roofing there are many options available to you that you might not know about.  If you have an existing home you might be looking at sprucing it up, and sometimes that involves able roof. If you are in the market for just getting some parts of your roofing fixed you can do that too. Sometimes it makes sense to go all new. This can be very important because if you have old roofing it can cause your home not to be as protected as it should be from the elements. Without being protected, then you will have problems later on and you don’t have to worry about anything when the storms come in. Having someone check out your roof can save you money later on. You don’t have to worry about having a big bill in the long run because you were able to stop it early. No matter what option you take when you are looking into roofing your will find that you are better off finding a contractor to help you.

1 dead, 22 injured when Maine hayride flips

1 dead, 22 injured when Maine hayride flips
People gather around a fire at Harvest Hill Farms after a hayride accident that injured multiple people Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014, in in Mechanic Falls, Me. Police in Maine confirm a teen has died and two remain in critical condition after the crash. At …
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Formula 1 'spy-gate' mechanic Nigel Stepney changed life insurance 'days
A Formula One mechanic at the heart of the sort's "spy-gate" scandal jumped in front of a lorry on a busy motorway days, an inquest heard. Nigel Stepney, 56, helped guide Michael Schumacher to five world championships but was sacked as chief mechanic …